Preschool Music Education

              Voorschoolse Muziek Educatie

                        Educazione Musicale Prescolare

We are a group dedicated to young children and their musical growth. The mission of the group: to study, to discuss and to exchange our work in early childhood music education with an emphasis on research connected to practice resulting in workable outcomes. We aim to disseminate knowledge representing our study efforts as well as to disseminate knowledge accumulated through practice. We engage in formal and informal collaborative investigation and we have an eclectic approach enabling all members to contribute according to their own passions and ideas thereby utilizing a broad range of research methods.

Siamo un gruppo dedicato ai bambini e alla loro crescita musicale. La missione del gruppo: studiare, discutere e scambiare i nostri materiali e le nostre idee sull'educazione musicale nell'infanzia con particolare attenzione sulla ricerca collegata alla pratica. Il nostro obiettivo è diffondere la conoscenza derivata dei nostri studi e accumulata attraverso la pratica.

Collaboriamo sia in modo formale che informale consentendo a tutti i membri di contribuire secondo le proprie passioni e idee utilizzando così una ampia gamma di metodi di ricerca.

Somos un grupo dedicado a los niños y a su crecimiento musical. La misión del grupo: estudiar, discutir e intercambiar nuestros materiales y nuestras ideas sobre la educación musical de la infancia con especial atención en la investigación relacionada con la práctica. Nuestro objetivo es difundir el conocimiento derivado de nuestros estudios y acumulado a través de la práctica.

Colaboramos tanto en modo formal e informal, lo que permite a todos los miembros de contribuir en función de sus propias pasiones e ideas utilizando una amplia gama de métodos de investigación.

Ons uitgangspunt is om kinderen beneden de 4 jaar goede mogelijkheden te bieden om hun muzikaliteit te ontplooien. Het geven van muzieklessen aan jonge kinderen vraagt om degelijke muzikaal pedagogische en didactische kennis, kennis van de algemene ontwikkeling van jonge kinderen, observatie-vaardigheden, vaardigheid in het inspelen op de interesses en mogelijkheden van de kinderen en professionele vaardigheden als musicus. Kennis van onderzoek is belangrijk, dit draagt bij tot theorievorming en ondersteuning van de praktijk.

Preschool Music Education (PME) provides music for children from the age of 4 months to 4, 5 or 6 years (depending on the country) accompanied by a parent or carer, including grandparents. Courses are held not only at music schools but also in community centres. Lessons are given in larger groups at nurseries and sometimes playgroups. The aim is to motivate and stimulate the children according to their own level of possibilities and development. The goal is to let children acquire basic skills of music by means of a programme strongly underpinned by appropriate theory. Out of motivation comes participation, participation evokes musical experiences.


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Pedagogics of Preschool Music Education seminar, soon to be announced.


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What role do numbers play in early childhood music education activities?

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